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Powering Down: Hello Fall!

Whew ya'll!! Life has been LIFE-ING!! Do you hear me?! When I tell you I'm ready to hibernate like a bear in the woods, unplug all the cords, grab my blankey and take my ass to BED for the winter! Im READY!!

I'm not complaining though, I promise. I've been blessed with an amazing media opportunity and have been reveling in the feel good fun of it all. If you haven't heard, I am launching my new podcast, "The Birth Exchange" in late October.

My podcast is about helping women reclaim their power in birth and wellness. It will be premiering on a new Black woman owned "netwerk" called "Grown Woman TV", and will be featured on Roku, Youtube and Apple TV. This opportunity was sooo dope (and fabulous, might I add!). I have had many wonderful conversations with both and wellness professionals, and I'm excited for you to tune in! Subconsciously, I've been waiting for a moment like this.....waiting but actively moving in the creative space at my own leisure. It's officially my turn now...and I'm ready for it!

God has also been moving me into a very uncomfortable space in my midwifery practice.....GROWTH. If you've been following me for a while, you know I've been solo dolo since I began my practice in 2015. The time has come for me to begin positioning myself to grow my team, and when I tell you God has been pushing and shoving me in that direction!!!! Whew chile!!! It's indescribable how events happen and people show up in your life that align with your future. I seriously have chills just thinking about it. But, I haven't resisted. From the time I started my business, one thing I had to do was rely on Faith. Faith is a muscle that needs to be exercised, routinely! I've had years of relying on my faith in God to help steer me in the right direction and make the best decisions for myself and my family. And so, here I am, standing in a new season, and uncomfortable territory.

After being in turbo mode for the summer months, I'm ready to be in sync with the season of rest. Fall equinox always brings me back to a state of calm, ease, and simplicity. A few years back, I decided that the fall season marks the end of my busy season. I use the word "no" a LOT. I focus inward and intentionally take better care of my mind & body, my family and household. I turn to the trees. I post less often on IG. I craft and experiment with making new hearty, nutritious meals and play in my herbal apothecary. I embrace all things warm and fuzzy. Moving with the seasons brings me a sense of balance. And I love it!

So what will you be focused on this fall? What do you enjoy doing in the cooler months? What can you put down for a while and pick back up in the spring? I've picked up a book called "Rest is Resistance: A Manifesto" by Tricia Hersey. It's the perfect book to ease into the season of rest. Enjoy a cup of cinnamon stick tea with honey while you're at it.

Birth Professionals! This is the perfect time to sort through some birth baggage! Need listening ear? Schedule your "Come to Soul" Coaching Session today! Need community? Join our SCBW Sister Circle Membership Here.

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