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About Me

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Hey Ya'll! I'm Christine! 

   Welcome to my blog! If you follow me on IG @birthbygrace, you now I offer real, authentic, organic insight about life as an experienced midwife, entrepreneur, mom, wife and everything else in between. I've reached a milestone in my career where I can honestly say that I have acquired  valuable downloads of wisdom that motivate me to keep going in this profession. I am grateful for the confidence I've gained to be unapologetically me in both my personal life and business.


   I'm eager to share the many lessons learned through the last decade, some simple and sweet, others challenging and painful. All in the name of birth work. I've created this space to encourage midwives, doulas, and other birth professionals that it is absolutely ok to make the necessary shifts in your career that support your health and wellness as a whole person while serving your clientele. 


  • I love naps!

  • I knew I wanted to work with babies since I was a girl!

  • The Golden Girls is my favorite TV show

  • Popcorn Lover 

  • I really want to be a farmer but don't enjoy farm chores

  • Turning 40 was my year of "enlightenment"

  • I have an RV trailer as a retreat

  • 90s Hip Hop & R&B music lover 

Cruise Control, Activated

Healthy outcomes for women and families has inspired me to stay in the birth space for the past 20 years. My love for it remains strong and vibrant. I LOVE mamas, birth and babies!  

Over time, I have learned that the hustle mentality has served its, purpose, but it no longer serving me in a positive way any longer. Now,  I'm a black woman from the South Side of Chicago. Hustle is in my DNA. But as a maturing midwife and professional, my days of hustling are over and I THANK GOD! I have many bumps and bruises from the hustle life, and I value the lessons learned during my journey. But No More! I'm happy to now be on cruise control and be able to create space, take some deep breaths, care for my own well being as I continue doing what I love, which is to care for others.

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Coaching Services

"Come to Soul" Session

  This one on one coaching session provides a safe and supportive space for clients to explore and navigate their own professional journeys in birth work.  Christine is fully dedicated to helping each client reach their full potential. From there, we can create a customized coaching plan to help you succeed and find your balance in birth work.

SCBW Sister Circle

Through a positive lens and respectful space our group coaching sessions provide a platform for birth workers to unpack their feelings, process difficult events and gain clarity on the issues that matter to them. My goal is to empower birth workers to make their own needs a priority while working through challenges of the profession. Through the power of honest dialogue, respect, transparency and organic connection we can offer collective support and build community in birth.


Your Soul Care Midwife
is Here to Help! 

  • Would you like to pivot, redefine or shift your birth work model and don't know where to start?

  • Are you a busy mom who desires to be a birth professional but feeling overwhelmed and discouraged?

  • Have you ever wished you had a safe space to vent and unpack your emotional baggage as a birth professional?

  • Ever wish you had a buddy to help you process the events of a birth with you?

  • Do you need guidance to help organize thoughts of   "what's next" or help with with your vision of making a shift in your profession in birth work?

  •  Need to hear different perspectives and encouragement when you are feeling loads of guilt when the perfect outcome isn't achieved?

  • Need someone who understands your challenges and will listen without judgement?

I'm Your Girl!

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