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Spring Into Balance !!

"5 Simple Tips for Achieving Work-Life Harmony in Birthwork"

Whew ya'll!! What up doe?! Happy Spring!! I'm so ready for new life, new awareness and the new greenery and colorful flowers to emerge from the Earth. I went MIA..... on PURPOSE!! For the past few years, every winter, I've felt this feeling of withdrawal but was too hard headed to listen! I would try to maintain the same pace that I had been throughout the year, only to come crashing down and crashing out! At the fabulous age of 40+, I have finally learned to pay attention to the seasons, quiet energy, and organic flow of nature, and just roll with it. I would go walking in the woods to look up at the resting trees, sit at the lake and take in deep breaths while listening to meditative frequencies. And when I tell you the time I committed to being still brought me so much therapy, peace and understanding! Just to sit the hell down and observe from within! It brought so much clarity to the mind, body and soul. And so here I am, Present and Harmoniously Refined.

As birth professionals, many of us are tired, exhausted, mentally and physically stressed but still having to keep moving. Keep working. Keep going. Because we have a family to support and bills to pay. My message for today is to encourage you to start listening to your own needs and tend to them. Because many times we block ourselves from the care we need to remain whole and balanced. For instance, it took me all winter to write this blog post. I wanted to post but my spirit just would not allow me! So I went with the flow of not posting. I set a date for the first day of spring to emerge from my winter holiday (yes, I coined it my own personal holiday!) And I'm so glad I did! Yes, I could have let artificial intelligence do it for me, but I'm just not that girl. This blog is way too personal and important for me to let a computer write for me.

Seeds Sown

After a busy summer/fall season of managing my busy home birth practice, filming a podcast, deciding to homeschool my daughter, and precepting a student, I had time to acknowledge the things that have overwhelmed me and create an action plan for change both personally and professionally. To be honest, after a decade of midwifery, I'm pretty damn proud of myself for having the audacity!

Here are some actions I've started to implement:

  • Growing Food! My garden is about to be absolutely fab!!

  • Redirected my attention on who and what matters most in my life

  • Identified what I can release, reassign and delegate to others or cancel all together!

  • Incorporate 2 week breaks into my schedule every other month

  • Plan to become more digitally savvy with content/resources

  • Delve into more continuing education courses for professional development

  • Limit time on social media (I'm literally embarrassed about how much time I waste on socials)

  • Refine systems in my business that will free up more of my time

  • Develop more integrative plans/strategies to help elevate my practice and enhance client care

  • Set more boundaries (my favorite thing to do, LOL)

So that is my list of changes that will make me happier. Now it's your turn! I challenge you to start making some baby steps to help you find balance and promote longevity in your personal life and career! And let me just remind you..


Start with these simple 5 actions:

  • MAKE an ASSESSMENT: Become aware and tap into your feelings (physically, mentally and emotionally). Are you stressed, burned out, frustrated, desire a different way of doing things in your position or business? Start there!

  • IDENTIFY YOUR NEEDS: Write down your immediate needs, your ideal workflow, and how those things can come to fruition

  • BE BOLD, SET GOALS: Start with 3 changes. Pinpoint a realistic timeframe in which some changes can be made. Make a plan and stick to it! This action could be something as simple as changing work days that better suit your family time or setting a schedule for the "out of office" automation button in your emails.

  • BE INTENTIONAL: Refrain from deviating from the changes you're making. If you have decided to attend yoga classes weekly on Mondays, DO THAT. If you have implemented a new communication preference with clients or new work schedule for visits/appointment/consults, STICK TO IT! Resist the impulsivity of habit! The point is at the end of the day if you are not committed to the process and changes that come with it, what's the point?

  • BE UNAPOLOGETIC: Listen, your well being matters. Your sense of WHOLENESS matters. You deserve the same nurturing that you offer others. Sometimes putting yourself first is uncomfortable. But, it's necessary. And the truth is, when you set the tone, everything/everyone else makes the shift with you. And those who aren't pleased are no longer a part of your universal path. That's it that's all.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you're in need of a safe space to unpack some birth baggage as a birth professional /entrepreneur, consider scheduling your "Come to Soul" Coaching Session  with me!

Now, go enjoy a cup of warm chamomile tea, and start reflecting on your own care plan.

In Peace, Love & Soul

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