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Soul Care Birth Work
A Wellness Blog for Midwives, Doulas & Other Birth Professionals 



Has Your Passion For Birth Work Become a Labor of Love? Well honey, I Get It! 

Welcome to Soul Care Birth Work! A wellness blog that helps midwives, doulas and other birth professionals find balance between their work and their private lives. I am dedicated to sharing advice and tips on how to continue to support birthing families, without sacrificing your own well being. This blog is rooted in the belief that birth work does not have to exclude your own needs as the care provider. I want help independent birth workers build a sustainable practice, while also taking care of their own minds, bodies and souls. This blog is designed to help you balance the scales between your work and your personal life. Subscribe to my blog today! 


Meet Christine, Your Soul Care Midwife

Hey sis! My name is Christine. I am a mom of 2 beautiful  daughters, a wife, daughter, best friend, sister and Certified Nurse Midwife x 10 years. Oh, I also consider myself a fake farmer. I have 9 goats and 5 dogs who serve absolutely no purpose outside of making me smile. I live on 7 acres in a semi rural area of Fayetteville, GA. My home is my safe haven and happy place that provides me with the space I need to escape from peopling. As a self employed midwife and solo business owner I enjoy being alone more and more often! I can't wait to share more about my life in the blog posts. But I am glad YOU ARE HERE. Because if you are here, you have reached some revelation in your life, personally and professionally, that is calling for a change, shift or reassessment. Let me help you achieve the balance you're looking for!  You deserve it! 

Christine Taylor, CNM , Midwife Christine

Yeah, I said it!

As birth workers, we hold a lot of space for folks. We are sponges of different energies that constantly flow in and out of our minds, bodies and souls. We sit silently and listen. We help mamas process through their shit. As trivial as it may seem, we validate feelings by offering kinds words and reassurance.

Well, if you haven't noticed. We are tired vessels of other folks' baggage. Our tires are worn, our fuel tanks are low, and our mileage is high! I think we deserve a safe space to speak the unspoken and sit in the human feelings of frustration, fatigue, anger and sadness. Birth work is not for the meek. And if you've sacrificed years of your life to your calling, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  

Welcome to the...

Soul Care Birth Work Blog

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